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What's the story with Composed Cloud?

Composed Cloud Solutions is a software development company based in Denver, Colorado.

Prior to starting Composed Cloud in 2017, Nathan Rutan was a cofounder of a successful medical manufacturing startup in the sleep industry. Founded in 2009, that company went on to gross over 12 million dollars during his tenure. Nathan’s background includes a B.S. in Computer Information Systems and an M.A. in Historical Theology. A strange mix for sure, but one that informs a unique outlook on the world of technology.

Going way back, Nathan is a bit of an OG in the tech world. His first computer was a big beige box that ran a processor that nowadays most people have probably never heard of. He used to take these boxes apart and install stuff in them. Installing lots of stuff in these boxes was the way that people hand-rolled their own tech stack back in those days. Nathan has seen lots of versions of Windows, MacOs and Ubuntu, too many really, and he’s been handy on the *nix command line for more than a decade. Actually more like a decade and three years, but who’s counting?

Nathan began working as a developer in 2012. He started with Python, moved on to Node.js, then found his way into Java, and finally C#. After that long arc, he has now realized how much he truly loves Python and uses it whenever and wherever he can. He’s found hours of inspiration from people like Raymond Hettinger, James Powell, Alex Martelli, BDFL, Keneth Reitz, Luciano Ramalho, Jon Skeet, K. Scott Allen, Robert Smallshire and countless others. He’s got a growing collection of Kindle books on various languages, but the one he reads more than others is Fluent Python by Luciano Ramalho. He’s also thinking of giving Go a shot sometime soon, but will keep loving Python anyway because he is a loyal person and wouldn’t want Python to feel bad.

Here at Composed Cloud Solutions, we love the cloud, but we have a particular fondness for AWS and Azure. But we are always curious and passionate about new technologies. We learn everyday. We are always on the lookout for new and interesting projects. Nathan likes to watch core Python developers give talks on YouTube when he should probably be sleeping. But that’s another story. The point is that we really like to learn new things, and we are excited about using those things to help business with the things they are excited about.

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