The best way to get sales data into HubSpot!

Here are some of the reasons you'll us

Real-time Sales Metrics

We are currently pushing 18 different properties into your HubSpot instance in near real-time. And we're on the lookout for more relevant metrics.

Timeline Integration

Ready for HubSpot nirvana? We push order information right onto the customer's timeline. Now you'll see at a glance when they've ordered and the current order status. Legs crossed, cue meditation background music.

No Data Storage

In an age which thrives on storage of everything, it's refreshing to think some companies don't keep all your stuff. We just analyze your order data, then we let it go. Within milliseconds. Now if only some other parts of life were like that...

Single-Click Install

Easy peasy install process. Just click install, enter some details and you're good-to-go! 

14-Day Trial

Want to kick the tires and see how our metrics will change your business? Give us a try for 14 days, cancel anytime.

Unlimited Orders

Yes, that's right! We don't throttle your orders. Sell away, and we'll push those sweet metrics into HubSpot!

Automatic Property Creation

We automatically create and maintain a new property group in your HubSpot instance. You've got to have a place to keep your shiny new metrics, and we make it easy to find them.

Real-time Contact Syncing

In addition to pushing sales metrics into your HubSpot instance, we will also sync all of your BigCommerce contacts. Contact doesn't exist in HubSpot? No problem, we'll create one.

Lifecycle Stage Advancement

We automatically advance your leads to customers if they have revenue. Nifty.

Built With Love

Everything we build has been carefully crafted using the finest techniques available. We like clean code, and we like the AWS cloud.

Some of the things you can do with Hubmetrix

Here are a few things you can do when leveraging Hubmetrix sales data

Create Workflows!

Create HubSpot workflows based on customer sales metrics. Use your new metrics as enrollment triggers.

Customize Nurture Emails

Maybe some of your customers are not ordering as usual. Now you can trigger an automated email based on some threshold, such as 25% change on order volume for the month.

  Trigger On Thresholds

Let's say you want to get in touch with a customer when their orders reach some percentage, or when their latest order status changes. Now you can!

Create Smart Lists

How about a dynamic list that contains only customers with a certain order status? Sure. Maybe another list with only those customers over a certain order count. Check. The possibilites are endless.

Know Your Customers

Sales and marketing departments will love segmenting customers based on revenue. Want to know who your top, bottom and middle customers are? Make a dynamic list with all time total revenue above, below and in-between some magic numbers. Bam. 

  Skies The Limit

With our metrics flowing into HubSpot for each customer in real-time, you're now armed with the ability to segment and report however you'd like. Just imagine the possibilities.

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Automatic Lifecycle Stage Advancement
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